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About Me

Danielle Karr

Welcome! My name is Danielle Karr, and this is Good Karma Writing. The name comes from my strong belief that if you take the time and effort to make something the best it can be then you’ll get the best results.

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I was born in California, grew up in Oregon, and put down roots in Utah. I graduated with a bachelor’s in communications and a minor in English, completed an internship in New York, and earned a master’s degree in technical communication from Utah State University. I have worked as a copywriter, advertising consultant, and editor for almost a decade now, and I have written for a wide variety of clients. I have been published in STC Intercom magazine multiple times and was also featured in Distance Learning. I currently work as a program specialist and senior copywriter in customer experience marketing.

I love life—I know that sounds cliché, but it’s true. There are so many breathtaking things to experience and do in this world. I think that’s why I gravitated to writing at a young age, because one of the jobs of a writer is to soak in all of those beautiful things and share them with others.

About My Work

I believe writing is not something that exists only in business and books. Writing is in the sky, in the streets; writing is in ideas, the way we live, how we feel. It is an amazing way to connect with others, and the better you write, the better you connect.

That’s why when given a project, I don’t just look at the facts—I look for the feelings. What are you really trying to communicate? Why should someone care? How can we position the content so the reader has the best experience possible? These are all important questions that will take your copy from simple words to vibrant communication. And when what you say truly connects with someone, you’ll have their attention for life.

I have experience in editing, copywriting, invitations, web content, catalog, press releases, print materials, technical writing, scripts, digital media, radio, TV commercials, music videos, transmedia storytelling, family announcements, creative strategy, blogging, storyboards, social media marketing, company consulting, product branding, and several other skills that are perfect for whatever project you have going.

About You & Me

Your business is my business.

There is a problem in the marketing world today. People are getting so caught up in what's “cool” and “trendy” that they are forgetting something very important—the audience. Your audience will shape your message. So I take extra care to learn who YOU are and what YOU need. That way you’re not only getting quality copy, you’re getting quality copy that’s uniquely you and resonates with your audience. No matter how big or small your project is, I'll make sure it's done right.

So whether you're a big company looking for some stellar marketing material or an individual looking for some help getting your message just right—if you‘re thinking you want a more meaningful, memorable, and engaging way to tell others what you’re doing, then let's talk.


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