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Danielle Lyn Karr





"Danielle was fantastic to work with! She was always courteous and prompt. It was always easy to get ahold of her through email. She completed our projects on time and within the guidelines we specified. Her writing absolutely exceeded our expectations. We would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a wonderful copywriter!"

Kaitlyn Nystul — One Good Thing By Jillee


"I am happy to say that Danielle was a joy to work with. She was able to take the various ideas presented and make it sound polished, cohesive and professional. She was quick to respond with any requests and questions that I would ask of her and her turn around time was faster than I had expected. I would love to work with her again and would refer her to any of my colleagues."

Mandi Leavitt — Minutes With Me


"Allow me a moment of vanity: My full-time career for the past 30 years has been as a writer/director working for clients: Foundation for a Better Life, MCA/Universal Studios, Nickelodeon, Salvation Army, and many others. What I have found over the past few years is that few writers are willing to put the time into research so they have a unique voice, and the effort into crafting interesting sentences. Danielle Karr was quite the opposite. Inquisitive. Well-read. And she worked hard to make sure every project had a unique and interesting voice. Making things interesting in the age of overload is difficult. It takes time to create something new. Danielle is very good at it. I hired her freelance to make 180 products sound interesting for an ecommerce client of mine. She was stellar. On time. On strategy. On voice."

Stephen Wunderli — Hawthorn & Wren


"I've had multiple people say to me (unsolicited) what a pleasure it is to work with Danielle. That's awesome. She's making such a difference in helping our little challenger brand grow up."

Jeff Lyman — Vivint Smart Home


"Working with Danielle was a real pleasure. I was impressed at Danielle's ability to create, organize, and execute diverse ideas and strategies for many different audiences. Her technical and creative writing skills were never lacking in the creation of press releases, advertisements, and other marketing materials. I always knew I could count on Danielle to get things done in a timely manner and without ever compromising on quality. I would recommend Danielle to anyone with a need of a strong creative mind, an amazing writer, and/or marketing specialist."

Pete Larkin — Deseret Book


"During my time working with Danielle at Berryplus, I was blown away by her professionalism and upbeat attitude. She was more than a pleasure to work with, and I can only hope that I have the opportunity to work with her again someday!"

Dina Celeste — Berryplus


"While working with Danielle I came to appreciate one of her very valuable traits–her ability to take on an assignment and independently see it through to completion...Danielle also provided significant creative input to our brainstorming and creative strategy sessions. Her fun personality and enthusiasm for creating engaging work make her a great talent to work with."

Hunter Sebresos — Pretty Darn Funny

"Danielle is an extremely talented copywriter. Her concepts and writing are creative and innovative. I've had the opportunity to work with Danielle on several campaigns and would work with her again in a heartbeat."

Liz Mason — Genesis Pilates and Young & Rubicam New York

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